Embracing Buddha: Your Inner Sanctum

embracing buddha

Embracing buddha

Early world views observed Buddhahood as the highest state of the ‘Enlightened One’ that required carrying out incredible efforts over countless years. It was believed that by chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo with faith and striving to carry out mindful practices for oneself and others alone, one could attain the life state of the Buddha – a state that was seen as a goal to arrive at some point along the way, a static condition or the end of a journey after which one could rest for once and all.

In contrast, however, a radically different perspective emerged – to reveal that Buddhahood wasn’t a destination to be reached sometime in the future, but rather an inherent quality that needed to be believed in, nurtured, awakened and polished. The perspective threw light on the fact that it wasn’t only the orange-robe monks in the Himalayas who could emerge as lotus flowers from a muddy pond, but rather anyone who genuinely sought to embrace the Buddha within.

The Embracing Buddha nature, lying dormant within each of us, was not easy to invoke though. Sixth century teachers emphasized the practice of mediation and “observing the mind” to perceive its true nature. This meditation however was extremely demanding and beyond the reach of ordinary human beings whose lives were intrinsically woven into the fabric of everyday realities of life and responsibilities of society. How could one Embrace Buddha, then?

By mastering control over fleeting thoughts and observing the true nature of our emotions. By overcoming negative tendencies or influences and building resilience against difficulties or hardships life throws at us. By wearing no pretense or embellishments and thereby leading a pure, dynamic and enriching life. By pursuing absolute happiness that is not influenced by external conditions. And last but certainly not least, by practicing loving-kindness and compassion for all beings.

It is through inter-relating our daily realities and inter-being with our loved ones that we can truly embrace the Buddha within.

For over decades, Bodhisattvas, Bhikkus & Practitioners have centered their minds and meditated on clarity – with the fleeting woody and ambery notes of Cedarwood Essential oil. At Silent Valley, we have captured the essence of this very oil in a bottle, to help ease mental exhaustion, lift the cloudiness and invoke the stillness in your inner sanctum. Come, Embrace Buddha! 

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